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Staging Services

Breathe life into that empty home . . . and sell it!


I’ll admit, I was totally intimidated by this home – literally wood everywhere.  And the accumulated possessions of a lifetime can become visually burdensome.  The family cleared out everything to give us a clean slate to work with, but chose not to paint the faux wood paneling, as recommended.  But we love a challenge!    Here’s what we did . . .


Updated furniture, pared-down accessories, and thoughtful furniture layout transform this room, and help buyers see its potential.

If you have a property, that’s not being lived in, and needs some stylish life breathed into it, here’s what we can do for you:

The service:

1.  Initial walk-through.  We photograph, measure, and look for anything that needs attention, such as painting and repairs, that need to happen before the staging.

2.  Recommendation of priorities for staging.  This includes our recommendation of which rooms are most critical to have staging done.

3.  Move-in day.  We arrive with trucks full of furnishings and accessories, and spend the day decorating your house.  When we leave, the spaces we’ve touched feel like an inviting home.

4.  Move-out day.  After 1 month, or scheduled settlement, whichever comes first, we’ll be back with our trucks and move it all out again, leaving the house as we found it on move-in day.

The cost:

$550/room/eat-in kitchen

$115/bathroom or kitchen requiring no furniture

minimum cost:  $1100

Includes one month furniture rental,  design and implementation, moving in and moving out.

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