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Based here in rural Frederick County, Maryland, Chartreuse & co is a monthly decorator tag sale housed on our family farm turned vintage market.  With 30+ artisans, dealers, and collectors, every opening features hundreds of finds and creations.  To make shopping easier for you, we’ve simplified matters by allowing you to interact all in one place with one business – Chartreuse & co. – and enjoy the vibrancy of 30+ creative minds at work without the hassle of 30+ sets of policies, receipts, customer service processes, etc. For more information on our origin, please visit our About Us page.

Chartreuse & co is solely located at the owners’ family farm at 4005 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704. We love that there are other barns and fun places to shop for cool vintage decor but there is only one Chartreuse & co location, plus our online store. Occasionally we have Chartreuse pop-ups in the general DMV area, which are temporary, one-off events and are advertised as they occur. (ex. Lucketts Fall and Spring Markets).

We are open for pickups and casual shopping while you’re here every Saturday 10am – 4pm (except select closures throughout the year). We are also open for a monthly special event select Friday – Sunday weekends 10am – 4pm. Please view our events schedule for more information about our special events and openings.

When we are open, customers are welcome to browse, shop, make purchases, connect with in-person customer service, and pickup orders. No appointments are needed for any of these activities when we are open.

We aim to make our venue as welcoming and comfortable as possible for all our visitors, and hope that our customers may view our grounds as a gracious retreat. Our family has filled this farm with significant memories of happiness, life, and warmth, and we’re delighted when others wish to add to these grounds’ stories. That said, we’re unfortunately not able to offer Chartreuse as an event venue at this time. Although this could potentially change in future, we currently are not allowing outside events on our premises.

Customer Relations

Office hours are Mondays – Saturdays 10am – 4pm.

Phone: (301) 874-1882 (text or call)

Email: [email protected]

When we are open, in-person customer service is available at sales counters or info desks. Need help with an order?  Just contact us by phone or email and mention whether you purchased in person, online, or over the phone.

For more contact options, please visit our Contact Us page.

That’s great! Please simply contact Chartreuse & co’s customer service and we’ll find you your answers, will ensure your issues are addressed, and will do the general communication legwork for you.

We’re delighted that you were pleased with your acquisitions! If the item is not currently listed online, please feel welcome to contact Chartreuse & co’s customer service and we’ll help determine if more of that product is available, and if it is, we’ll be able to set you up for another order.


Have an item or a house full of items that you’re interested in selling or giving to Chartreuse & co?  We have 30+ dealers and sellers at Chartreuse who are always in the market for great new finds.  Please feel welcome to use this form to submit an item or items you’re interested in our dealers considering for purchase.  This internal marketplace (your submission is only accessible by the Chartreuse team of dealers, sellers, and office staff) acts as a platform for you to be able to share and sell items; dealers interested in a(n) item(s) will reach out to you directly with any questions or to purchase and work out the logistical details.  

Please note that your submission will be saved in our system for a month, and if you haven’t heard from any of our dealers in that time, then please know that unfortunately there was not interest from our dealers. 

As a general rule, Chartreuse does not support one-off consignment. That said, items will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To qualify for consideration for consignment, the piece must be exceptional, unique, and of high value. Other pieces are offered for consideration for direct sale to our dealers.

We’re excited that you’re inspired to be part of our dealer community! Please learn more about the process and apply for consideration via our online application.

We offer temporary dealer space in our fields at our special Market Days events, or in our courtyard for our annual Holiday Makers’ Market. Please learn more about the process and apply for consideration via our online application.


Now that you own a great Chartreuse find, we know you want to get it home. Please arrange to pick up your new treasure within 2 weeks. We will do our best to ensure its safety, but are not responsible in any way for sold merchandise. After 14 days we will charge for storage. After 30 days the item is considered abandoned and will be donated to a local charity or sold.

Chartreuse’s return policy is that all sales are final; we sell vintage items “as is,” along with many new items. That said, we want you to be happy with your Chartreuse purchases. Should you have any concerns, please contact Customer Relations, and we will consider return requests on a case-by-case basis.

Hooray, you placed an online order or made a purchase! Now what? We have options available to you:

  1. In-person local pickup

All pickup orders are picked up at Chartreuse & co. at 4005 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704. Please visit our website for directions and information on other area attractions. You have two options when picking up in person:

  • Come when we’re open; no appointment is necessary, and hauling staff will be available to help move large pieces. Simply stop by our sales counter and let our staff know you’re picking up an order.
    • Saturdays 10am – 4pm
    • Come during one of our special events. We are open select Friday – Sunday weekends 10am – 4pm. Please view our event schedule for more information about our opening dates and times, as well as special closures.
  • Schedule a private pickup. If you’re using a delivery team you found independently of Chartreuse, you can use this scheduling system to secure the appointment with us on behalf of your delivery team. 

2. Local white-glove delivery

We have a list of delivery companies who are familiar with how we operate and about whom we’ve received positive feedback from our customers. That said, these are independent contractors, and Chartreuse & co. is not responsible in any way for your arrangement/agreement with them and/or any damages resulting therein.

These delivery companies operate independently of Chartreuse, and therefore communication regarding the pickup should occur directly with them. Any questions regarding the delivery companies’ policies or exact services offered should be directed to each company. Each company determines its own rates.

  • Brandon’s Hauling / 240-877-8616
  • Cody’s Hauling / 240-409-3021
  • Joe Kincaid / 301-606-0482
  • Greg Lamp / 240-422-0737  

3. Nationwide shipping & white-glove delivery

We offer nationwide shipping and nationwide white-glove delivery. However, we are not currently able to set it up at time of checkout. To receive a quote for nationwide freight furniture shipping or delivery, please email us. We will submit the quote on your behalf to a carrier and will be in touch shortly with the estimated additional costs of shipping the otherwise un-shippable item.

Please be advised that the cost is determined by all elements of the order parameters and can be very costly. As such, we would advise requesting a shipping quote prior to product purchase, in case the product being shippable or the cost of shipping affects your interest in the item. When shopping online: each product online is categorized based on whether it is available to ship or not. Generally speaking, all large items or furniture are unavailable to ship except via nationwide shipping or white-glove delivery. This can be confirmed at checkout, where it will not allow you to select shipping for an ineligible item. Please see the following FAQ response for more information regarding the specifics of this.

This can occur when a cart includes items of different shipping availabilities. For instance, if a cart includes a dresser that can’t be shipped and a candle that can, if you attempt to select shipping at checkout, you’ll receive an error warning. Unfortunately our system lacks the sophistication to process multiple shipping methods in one transaction, so there are two ways to address this issue: 1) If you want the shippable item shipped to you, then remove one of the items from your cart and process each item as its own transaction (Please continue reading for more information on setting up delivery for the larger item); 2) If you’d like to collect both items at the same time, then simply select “local pickup” so you can pickup all of your items at the same time at Chartreuse, and process your cart in one transaction. Our checkout processes will not allow you to select shipping for a transaction that includes any un-shippable items. Please see the prior FAQ response to review all options to fulfill your order, including nationwide shipping or white-glove delivery options available to setup outside of the checkout process.

It’s understandable that as we’re a small business, there can be concern about this. That said, we wish to assure our customers that we take this matter very seriously, and have checks and balances in place to ensure that a unique item that sells in person or online is promptly removed from the other selling platform. It is for this very reason that we temporarily close our online store when we are open at our physical location. As such, if you see an item listed on our website and are able to add it to your cart, then it is available for purchase.

We invite our customers to stop by our physical location during any of our open hours. Please feel welcome to measure, photograph, inspect carefully, and witness in person any items in our store when we are open to the public. To see our open hours, please visit our events schedule.

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