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Chartreuse & co Dealer Application/Information

Want to be a part of the Chartreuse & co team?   Guest dealers set up on the grounds for Market Days three times a year, and occasionally permanent space comes available in the barns themselves.  Scroll down to sign up for the email list below to get announcements about both:

GUEST DEALER APPLICATION   CLICK HERE TO APPLY!   Full details and information are in the link below.

Spring – May 21-23,  Summer – July 16-18,  Fall September 17-19

2020 Holiday Makers Market:  Nov 4-7, Nov 19-21, Nov 27, Dec 3-5, Dec 11

SEE APPLICATION ABOVE.  Full details and a printable application are available at this link:

Special Events application/information   

Sample Spring/Fall Market Days map

Sample Summer Market Days map

To get email reminders about Market Days and to join the waiting list for permanent space here at Chartreuse & co, sign up:

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