It’s raining today, and painting furniture is just not in the cards. So I came up to the house to do my price tags. This entry is evidence of two things:
1. my rather awesome procrastination skills, and
2. why half my stuff never gets priced.

That said, I really do have something worth telling you about, namely a few of my favorite things in the barn this month.

Typically, I like a cubby on top of a larger piece, giving height and bringing all the nooks up to eye level. But this cubby was placed on the floor, and before I knew what I was doing, I was filling it with plants, wood boxes, ironstone. It’s cubbies are deep and capacious, and I loved decorating its top as almost a mantlepiece. $179.



I just love vintage oil paintings. They not only have the beauty of age, but are the intimate perception of the artist. This little rural scene is lovely, peaceful. Not yet priced.


This radio flyer scooter sings of a time when children flew through their neighborhoods on such vehicles, carefree, without any notion of ‘virtual’ play. These toys are iconic, and now a charming piece of nostalgic sculpture (but I bet it still works just fine).  Not yet priced.


Detail of the shapely radio flyer wheels


I think it’s just part of my DNA that a comfortable, beautiful, upholstered chair is a must on any favorites list I may create. This pair is updated with burlap backing and nailhead trim.  $550, each.  $895, pair.


But I saved THE favorite for last. This spectacular, curvy day bed just about brought me to my knees. I’ve never seen one quite like it and CANNOT believe that Sue (of The Treasured Hunt) is going to part with it. Since this picture was taken she’s added a tufted, single, long seat cushion. Honestly, I haven’t gone back upstairs to look at it because I fear I just could not resist.  A steal at $1099.

So that’s my list. You can see over 100 pictures of what’s in the barn now on our website, but now you know what I have my eye on.

Thanks for reading,