I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. But I love a single, beautiful piece. With fall and winter coming, I begin to think about that just-right piece to finish off my outfit. If you get the right piece, your clothes can be of the simplest form and design, yet your look will be polished and put together.

My favorite designer of such pieces is Fran Simons of & Coco. Here’s a few pieces that she brought into the barn this weekend.

I have a soft spot for cameos. For my 21st birthday (and graduation from college) my grandmother Thomas (for whom I am named) gave me her grandmother’s cameo engagement ring. I gave it to Katherine, my older daughter, when she graduated from my alma mater, Hollins College.
Chip, knowing my weakness for these delicate pieces of wearable art, has given me several over the years, and I love them all. This piece of Fran’s updates the cameo into a chunky necklace, without losing the cameo’s star quality.


Each element of this necklace is is playful and fun. The coin/chip/button – I really don’t know which – shines with that pop of red. The elements all play so nicely together.


Okay, so now we’re into the bling. I think this one’s centerpiece began life as a shoe clip. Can you imagine clipping a pair of rhinestone encrusted clips of this size onto your shoes? I really don’t think I could walk in them. But this necklace? Perfect.


The simplicity of this numbered tag is charming. I don’t even like the number 17 – not sure why, I just don’t – but I really like this necklace.


Imagine this deeply plunging pearl necklace finishing a simple, mono-chromatic dress. Lovely.


These cuffs create glam with the simplest of outfits. Think jeans and T-shirt or turtleneck. One of these finishes it off just right.


If you’ve ever had a rosary, you’ll recognize the origin of the pieces of this bracelet. It’s delicate beauty is accentuated by the lovely Madonna image.


I really think I need this one. Another bracelet created from pieces of old rosaries. I love that the rosary pieces are finding a new life. A simple, yet meaningful piece like this makes me happy every time I see it.


Uber-bling! Nobody’ll miss your entrance with one of these spectacular cuffs on your arm! Love it.


These leather cuffs are enhanced with vintage brass faceplates – you know, the beautiful old backs to drawer pulls. Fran has found a delightful way to use them and really show off how pretty they are.

Have you picked out your favorite yet?  It’s hard, I know.

Thanks for reading,