Here’s a little Before & After tale, using Christophe Pourny’s Organic Tonic.  I’ve rubbed just a bit of it right where the bottle is placed.

We all have them:  those pieces that come to us through the family, or perhaps we just love the scale, lines, look, but the wood’s condition is just-plain getting embarrassing.

For me it’s the drop-leaf table that always held a place of usefulness and honor in the Glass Room of my grandmother’s home.  The name of it’s location is enough to give you an idea of the stress the piece has been under.  But I LOVE this table.  It’s single drawer held wooden tic-tac-toe, tile puzzles, and pegged solitaire games.  A pack of cards and jacks could almost always be found there.  How could I not have such a magical table as part of my life.

Even in the horribly abused state you see above.

Enter Christophe Pourny with his fabulously simple, organic, and easy-to-use Furniture Tonic.

Take a look:


Just to the left you can see the effects of the simple tonic. This bottle is the Color Reviver, and I’m about to apply it.


Color Reviver is THE BOMB! Here’s the Before (right) and After (left)

Using this stuff couldn’t be easier (if it were complicated, I’d never have done it!).

  1.  Wipe the surface clean; use gentle soap & water if it’s dirty.
  2.  Apply a generous amount of the tonic to a clean cloth (I used a terry cloth wash cloth).
  3.  Rub it thoroughly into the surface.
  4.  Wait 20 minutes, and vigorously wipe it down with a fresh cloth.
  5.  Voilá!  The beauty of your wood piece is revived!

I used the amber paste to protect and to further draw out the richness of the wood surface.


Just look how beautiful the piece is now! You can still see shadows of the worst ring, but if I’d used steel wool or lightly sanded a little, I would have eliminated that as well.


I just love the packaging, too! Here’s a link to get some of your own:  Furniture Tonic or Wax Paste

I’d love to see your before and after projects!

Thanks for reading,