Have you ever wanted something REALLY badly?  For over a decade?  And it’s decorating?

Yes, dear reader, that’s just how sick I am.  I’ve lusted after Farrow & Ball’s Light Blue on my bedroom walls for over a decade.  In fact, every Christmas since 2001, my dear family has asked me what I want for Christmas.

“My bedroom walls painted Farrow & Ball’s Light Blue,” I would reply with what I thought was earnest enthusiasm.

But my loved ones would look at me, admiringly, yet disappointed.  And I would know that what they heard was, “Oh, I suppose we need a new trash can.  I’ll take that for Christmas.”  They just didn’t understand my need, my sincere desire for such subtle beauty in the room I spend up to 1/3 of my life in.

Because I know that you understand this, here’s an image of what my bedroom walls have been since we’ve moved here in 2001:

And I’m figuring you’ve guessed from the stylish blue ladder in the image, that this was my year.  Yes, this year they finally believed me, that I am not a martyr, but a person very sensitive to my surrounding.  (It also helped that I finally just handed my husband a wallpaper stripper’s business card and said, “Call him.”)

The wallpaper stripping took several days (which included sleeping on the sofa – my husband is the saint in this family), but look at the cool color uncovered:


There was a part of me tempted to just leave it and only paint the woodwork.  But the not-so-artistically done patching kept me on track.  So here it is, my beautiful, perfect paint color, on MY bedroom walls!!!

I know.  Soooo subtle.  So perfect.  Here’s a little slide show of the transformation so far.  I have the major pieces in place, and am taking my time placing my artwork and picking the just-right lighting and accessories.

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As I work to complete my little sanctuary, I’ll share the details.  (’cause I know you understand.)