You’ve seen the exterior work, the landscaping, and the first floor of this beautiful Chevy Chase renovation, decorated and staged by Caroline Verschoor of Ekster Antiques. (see last 2 posts for photos)  To finish off the home, take a look at the before-and-afters of the bedrooms and lower-level spaces.   What do you think of these before & afters?



Because you can see to the upstairs hallway in the before picture, I thought this a good spot for sharing one of my favorite spots in this home.  The detail and placement of the windows is just right for privacy and architectural interest.  I love how Caroline filled the opposite wall with framed, vintage maps.  And of course the European-style furnishings are delightful.   Now on the the bedroom:

and it’s bath:

and walk-in closet:

Bedroom #2


You can tell from here that the old bathrooms just weren’t what the new ones are…


and Bedroom #3

Take a look outside, and remember that gracious outdoor dining space.  This bedroom is on the second floor, and that open balcony overlooks the swimming pool and the yard.  You’ll see in a minute an key access to that space.

I love that this bedroom has double doors and steps down into it.  It’s the room I would have chosen as a young person living in this home.

Shared upstairs bath:


There were no before pictures of any of the bathrooms in this house, but you can imagine that they were nothing like this AFTER image.


Here’s the interior view of the round window that crowns the front elevation of the house.  The grey-and-white treatment of this bathroom is timelessly beautiful.

Upstairs closet/laundry:


I have to admit that I love the solid wood, paneled doors and vintage brass hardware.   This house did have charm and was beautifully made.  But the livability quotient has definitely been improved by the renovation.


This space faces out to the front of the house.  You can see the original front windows here.   Also, peek through the door and you get another view of the upstairs hallway.

And now, the Master Bedroom.  There really is no Before for this, as it’s entirely new space.  This was once a 3 bedroom house and is now a 5 bedroom one.  (The 5th bedroom is on the lower level.  You’ll see that next.)

Entry to the Master Suite:

I love that the Master Suite has it’s own access and complete privacy.  The retained brick from what appears to be the chimney is a great architectural accent in this new space.

Love the french doors onto the new balcony.

and, of course, the balcony itself.  Delightful!

The view from the Master Suite balcony.

Back indoors we access the spacious master bath from the master hallway.  You can see the old brick accent through the glass door – an indulgence you can afford when your bathroom is off such a private hallway.

The yummy, oversized shower w/ marble bench.

And the essential soaking tub.  I’d have to think carefully about my window treatments on this one.  I just adore the natural light, but not my neighbors’ view . . .

And a little further down the hall, the dressing room/closet:

This large space can be configured any way you’d like.  I would envision this room lined entirely with built-in, floor-to-ceiling drawers, shoe shelves, and closets, with a generously sized upholstered bench running down the middle.  I think I’d switch out the attractive, yet too practical pendants in favor of chandeliers, and an oversized mirror against the far wall.

The little window in this completely interior space is such a great idea!  It allows the natural light from the rest of the suite filter in, making the space feel so much fresher than it would otherwise without any windows of its own.

Now, let’s go downstairs.  The lower level, though an actual below-grade basement, doesn’t feel that way at all.  Take a look:




Aside from the beauty of the furnishings Ekster Antiques has brought in, this space is so much more inviting with the hardwood floors, soft grey paint, and streamlined fireplace.  The removal of the wainscoting opens the room visually.

From another angle.

The now-essential media room.

I just love this practical addition:  the kitchenette.  It makes entertaining on this level so much simpler, and makes it more liveable as a guest suite.  Here’s the rest of the lower level:

Art room – I just love that a room was set aside for this function.

Lover-level entry.  As gracious a basement entry as you can find.

basement powder room

And, finally, that 5th bedroom I’d mentioned.  It’s down here with all the art and media and it’s own kitchenette:

Lower level bedroom:



This bathroom is a great solution for getting a luxurious bath in limited space.  I like the plan of simply foregoing the tub and building this custom shower without a door.  The entire effect is open and you don’t feel the lack of a tub.

Whenever I take a virtual tour of a house, I need the floor plan to give me a sense of the flow.  So here it is.  Notice the thick black lines – they indicate the original footprint of the house.


Hope you enjoyed this 3-part tour of such a monumental renovation.  I know I did!

Thanks for reading,