Yes, I’m color happy right now.  I’ve just spent the day at a Farrow & Ball color seminar, coming away inspired and more knowledgeable.

For instance, did you know that when selecting a paint color for exterior use, you should go up to 2 shades deeper than your original choice?   Reason:  the sunlight/exterior light is so intense that it washes color out.  A deep cream or grey will appear almost pure white outside.  Fascinating.

And extremely relevant to my upcoming summer project: painting the barns.  Here’s some choices I’m considering from Farrow & Ball’s incomparable palette:

Eaves trim, door surround, window lintels:  Down Spout


My hope is that it will look almost black, without the harshness of true black.

Surface of barn face, window mullions:  Pavilion Gray

(This is not an accurate sampling at all.  It’s actually a light grey, not a taupe…)



The door, and any shutters?  Yup, an excellent shade of green: Churlish Green (or, as we like to call it: chartreuse)!


It’s a work in progress, and I have lots of time to work it out, as I must wait till it’s consistently 65 degrees and not raining…

I’d love to hear about any exterior painting suggestions or successes you’ve had.

Thanks for reading,