I love wrapping gifts.  I love the paper, the ribbon, the tags.  I love folding the paper around the box, selecting and tying on the ribbon, selecting the just-right tag or embellishment.

We have a great selection of ribbon now, so I totally indulged and wrapped up a few packages – here’s a look:


Kraft paper makes such a great base for decorating your packages. These two velvet ribbons take a twist on traditional Christmas colors – love the effect.


Two shades of brown create a tone-on-tone effect against the brown kraft paper. The velvet really pops here because of the contrast in texture to the paper. Love how the fat little winter bird pulls it all together.



I used printed green paper tape, and then complemented it with these beautiful shades of green and blue velvet. The sweet little birds define it as a holiday package.



Here’s an unlikely grouping, which I think works well. Because the paper is busy, I’ve stuck to just one color of ribbon. The green wreath on the paper speaks to the holiday spirit, and the darling little bird tag spells it out. So pretty.



Truth be told, this one is my favorite. It’s simply the vintage chalkboard wrapping paper we carry everyday, combined with simple, cotton ribbon. The shapes, textures, and colors are just perfect together.


The ribbon is even more fun, as it’s wrapped on these wooden spools.


All in all, it was great fun, and totally put me in the mood to get all my gifts wrapped and under the tree.  I’d love to see some of your holiday packages.

Happy wrapping!

Thanks for reading,