Check it out!  HGTV – my favorite network – came out to visit!

Here’s how it came about:

Last week, while going through a pile of emails, I found one from HGTV.  Of course the first thought I had was, “What kind of fake email is this?”  And yet I read it.  And I believed it.  And I was thrilled!

HGTV wanted to shoot a brief segment for a portion of a show at our location.  Turns out the couple featured in the show were customers of ours, and they spoke so fondly of their finds from here, the network called to ask if we’d open for them.
And so here they are:

The morning began with the arrival of the crew and the equipment coming in.

The couple arrived, with their adorable little pooches, and the filming began.

I was so happy that our hydrangeas, which have been trying to fill out for 3 years, blossomed perfectly for the filming. The ferns looked pretty sharp, too, didn’t they?

I was intrigued watching the well-timed dance the crew did to get exactly the shots they wanted.

What a great looking couple, huh?! And they couldn’t have been any nicer. Loved their taste, too!

Who wouldn’t love this 1940s BMW-seat-turned-chair? And then this hip couple grabbed the octopus pillow, plopped it down there, and, voila!, it was perfect.

They’re going to be letting us know when the show will air – so stay tuned for the details!

Thanks for reading,