farmgirl flowers shipped package

I’m sending Easter flowers form Farmgirl Flowers this year.  Here’s why:

I just discovered this emerging company via an online business site (, and the story (obviously the product!) intrigued me.  Christina Stembel, founder of Farmgirl Flowers, began her business with an idea and a lot of hard work.

Farmgirl Flowers founder, Christina Stembel

Here’s a shot of Christina Stembel, founder of this innovative company, among her flowers.

“Christina grew up as a farmgirl in Northern Indiana with BIG dreams. As a kid, she drove her family and friends nuts with dozens of wild ideas about new projects to pursue, including iron-on pockets.”

Farmgirl Flowers stands apart in all the best ways:

  • 100% USA-produced flowers.  I had no idea that only 20% of the cut flowers sold in the US are grown here.  Farmgirl eskews this and buys exclusively from American farmers.
  • Uses 95% of the flowers she buys.  Most flower shops use/sell only half what they buy; the rest are wasted.  By offering only one stunning arrangement a day (brilliant innovation), Farmgirl builds their arrangements based on what’s fresh and beautiful THAT day.
  • farmgirl flowers bouquet

    Every day it’s a different bouquet. And every one is just right.

  • Bouquets wrapped in burlap.  Ok, I have to admit that this was the first thing that got my attention about this company.  LOVE the look!  And then I found out why they’re used:  the burlap is cut from old coffee bean sacks donated by area coffee companies – who are happy to be rid of them.  LOVE THAT!
  • Bicycle delivery.  Shouldn’t all bouquets be delivered this way?!  Yes.  (But don’t worry, they do ship throughout the country, too)
Farmgirl Flowers bicycle delivery

I LOVE that Farmgirl Flowers delivers via bicycle. I just wish I lived in the SF Bay area and could receive mine that way!

Farmgirl Flowers deliverymen

I really want to see these guys zipping through the hilly streets of San Fransisco!

On top of all these great aspects of the Farmgirl business concept, its founder, Christina Stembel, is exactly the kind of energetic, committed, creative, hardworking, confident person that moves our ecomony forward.   And shows the big guys how it can be done better.  Support her and her company because it’s a great product, brought to the market with innovation and integrity, and watch it grow.

Farmgirl Flowers website

The Farmgirl Flowers website is as fresh and pretty as its product.

So if you plan to send flowers for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, checkout Farmgirl Flowers and be impressed.

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