I love decorating.  So when Kristen Tydings of Visitation Academy asked me to decorate a small suite of rooms for brides and their bridesmaids (Visitation provides a spectacular locale for weddings in it’s early 19th century building and gardens located on 5 walled acres in downtown Frederick) I was intrigued.

“Sure, I’ll throw some furniture in here.  Love the high ceilings, original casement windows, wood floors,” I responded.

But I struggle with doing things only half way.  So 3 trucks, and many measurements, drawings, and lists later, the empty rooms were reborn.

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It’s all open to the public Sunday, February 19 from 1pm-4pm.  All of the items are available for sale, but not for pick up until the open house is over.   Plan to spend some time there, it’s 5 acres of beauty, and they’ll have music, food, flowers, the whole nine yards on Sunday.  Think of it as a wedding reception without the family drama!  Have fun.

Details about Visitation Academy Weddings is at www.facebook.com/VisitationAcademyWeddings.