Warm breezes are already here, pulling me outside and into the garden. Trees are flowering, and I’m in the mood for all things Spring and Easter. As you get your home ready for Easter Sunday, or any joyful Spring occasion, here’s a quick how-to for an original ‘basket’. I’m using a classic terra cotta pot here (which come in a myriad of sizes and shapes), but there are so many interesting vessels you can use: vintage drawers, an ironstone bowl, an old toy truck, anything that will hold the volume of beauty and fun you want to put into it.

An Easter basket created from a weathered terra cotta pot, several faux cabbages, a bunch of faux tulips, and 5 sprigs of greenery plucked from a shrub in our yard. Add candy and a card and you’re done.

Easter basket/Spring centerpiece project how-to:

Assemble your ingredients: medium-large weathered terra cotta pot, your faux plants, 5+sprigs of fresh greenery from your yard. Be sure to add at least some live plants/flowers to the design. They elevate faux ones.
STEP 1: Place the cabbages in the pot – they’ll be your defining shapes and stability. Any bulky item, live or faux, serves this function.
STEP 2: Bend the stems of the tulips so that they hook into the cabbages, at a height that they poke their pretty blossoms out of the pot amongst the cabbages. If you’re using live blossoms in your ‘basket’, place a small glass of water into the pot which you’ll place them into.
STEP 3: Tuck the fresh greenery between each cabbage and the tulips. When selecting your greenery, look for something light and airy to contrast with the fullness of the cabbages. Cut these sprigs so that they pop out about 3-4″ higher than the cabbages and tulips.

This pretty ‘Easter basket‘ also makes a delightful table centerpiece – do several of them and place in a row down the middle of your table, with ivy or greenery interlaced on the table at their bases, tying them together. Add some tiny terra cotta pots with votive candles inside, and you’ve got a great evening spring table!

Stay safe, and have a beautiful Spring!

Thanks for reading,