Meet Darren Braun, owner of Eclectica, and Rene Redfield Shaw and Teri Troxell, owners of Potomac French Market: three more creative talents who are making magic for the Grand Opening of our renovated second floor.

The jaw-dropping mix you’ll find in Eclectica, opening on the second floor, April 16-18


Chartreuse & co: Darren, you and your team, create the most spectacular displays; I feel like you’re part decorator, part set designer. They’re breathtaking! Tell me a little about how you got into this business?

Darren Braun: We are a 4th generation company, so it’s in my blood. The family beliefs in traditional values and quality inform every purchase we make. We’ve decorated entire barns in Sewickley, Pennsylania, while selling to ABC Carpet & Home in NYC. We’ve participated in Round Top antiques Fair in Texas, the Brimfield Fair in Massechusetts, and similar events in The Hamptons, and have been fortunate to meet and work with some of the most talented personalities in the decorating business.

Now, we work directly with designers, shop owners, and the general public, evaluating each piece for style, distinction, and integrity. Additionally, our relationships with some of Europe’s finest sources enables us to get first choice for our clients.

Chartreuse & co: What a rich background! I see that diversity of influences in your style, how would you describe it?

Darren Braun: Eclectica gives a new look to antiques. We believe in the unthinkable, the unusual, and timeless pieces that take your breath away.

Chartreuse & co: You’ve definitely brought the WOW! factor to this second floor! Who or what inspired you most as you developed your style?

Darren Braun: My family and our history, personally and in business, is what inspires me. Our family business has enabled us to bond in unique ways, experiencing and blending specific talents within each member.

Chartreuse & co: With all that history and family behind you, where do you see your business going?

Darren Braun, owner of Eclectica, among a few architectural finds.

Darren Braun: We’ve been fortunate to keep our business within the family and have enjoyed working with Chartreuse & co over the last two years. We started out as a guest dealer and have merged into being a permanent fixture here. I’m currently pursuing certification in Visual Merchandising at Pratt Institute of Art, and plan to use the space at Chartreuse as a pallet for my creative works.

Chartreuse & co: Sounds great! We can’t wait to see this fresh influence in your design! Is there anything else you would like to share with the Chartreuse readers?

Darren Braun: Eclectica shares our creativity and love for unique design with you. We look forward to creating and bringing forth our inspiration to create a soothing space for you and your family.


Chartreuse & co: You’ve recently opened your first brick and mortar, tell me a little about how did you got into this business?

Rene Redfield Shaw and Teri Troxell, owners of Potomac French Market, greeting visitors to their River Road shop.

Rene & Teri: We started by bringing unique home decor to farmers’ markets, as we have enjoyed the open air shops of New Orleans and Paris, thus inspiring our name French Market. The love of our beautiful home town of Potomac only brought more of us to the name. Why French Market? We love how you can find treasures at our favorite markets and we hope that you will find treasures here!

Chartreuse & co: With Paris and New Orleans informing your style, how would you describe it?

Rene and Teri: One of the things that makes our mix interesting is our wildly different roots: Rene is from the west coast, born and raised in the suburbs of LA where her Hollywood glam & vintage mid-century modern roots began. On the other hand, I’m a Maryland girl at heart, and my first love is Tartan and preppy classics. As the two of us peruse sales and auctions we consistently pull from our personal styles resulting in an eclectic mix at the shop.

Mid-century modern mixes up with classic pieces to create the eclectic mix of Potomac French Market, available at Chartreuse & co April through June of 2021.

Chartreuse & co: I totally see that in what you’ve created here so far. Who or what inspired you most as you developed your style?

Rene and Teri: For us, it’s a What inspires our style. Our love of beautiful things and enhancing our home with them keeps us excited and inspires the eclectic decor we create.

Chartreuse & co: That’s such a theme here at Chartreuse. With travel and your business together, what anchors you and keeps you going?

Rene and Teri: Not to be cliché, but it’s our families who anchor us. Our kids were classmates and became best friends, cementing our own best friend status. Also, for us this business isn’t just for fun. When we chose to run this business together (starting in our mid-50s, no less!), we knew there was no room for error, as we are supporting six college educations between us, and plan for some kind of beautiful retirement someday. We plan our business to bring joy but also to enhance our families’ bottom line.

Chartreuse & co: Sounds like you’ve got a great balance all worked out. Is there anything else you would like to share with the Chartreuse readers?

We joke that we are actually foster moms to furniture. When the right piece finds a home we are always happy for the part we played in bringing the the piece and its new owners together. We’re particularly excited when a young couple finds that just-right piece that will be the the start of their new home together.