While I’ve been preoccupied by my bedroom redo, the creative crew at the barn have been totally rethinking how beautiful their spaces can be.

Here’s a slide show of what The Robin’s Nest is up to: (followed by a brief how-to)

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Robin’s gone all-out-glam.  Hard to believe this is a barn wall, isn’t it?  How did she do it?

1.  Install a plywood floating wall.  This step ensures a perfectly flat surface (the stucco barn walls are not).

2.  Paint the wall a solid color (in this case a pale grey, but you can make it any color you want as your backdrop to the design).

3.  Get an amazing brocade stencil (see Robin of The Robin’s Nest for details), and create it, not with just one color of contrast paint, but with a whole series.  This extra detail is what gives this amazing treament its exceptional quality and depth.  Robin used white, medium grey, metallic silver, and metallic gold.

4.  Stand back and be wowed by the results!