We’re getting ready for our first-ever Market Days.  Not only will our barns be open and full, but we’ve selected 20 great dealers to join us for this Saturday/Sunday only event.  Sorting through the nearly 50 applicants we received was tough, and rest assured that the 20 that we selected are exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s just a sampling of what’s in store:

Bella Villa

Rosanna Smith is bringing her great look (yup, that’s her adorable shop in Aldie, Virginia) to us.

Check out a sampling of her signature look:

Chick’s Picks by Hillary

Here’s a few of Hillary’s creative team of artisans checking out the site for Market Days.  They took a look at our Corn Crib and instantly saw chandeliers hanging from the rafters, curtains, the whole nine yards – they even got out their note pads and started drawing!!  I LOVE these girls!

Unfortunately the concept was nixed by the ‘logistics team’ (a.k.a. my husband, Chip), and we won’t get to see their full vision . . . (this time).

Here’s an idea of some of their creations.

Don’t you think that both the eggs and the necklaces are prettier together?  These girls know aesthetics.

I really think I need this tablecloth.

Emma Jean’s General Store

Chuck Johnson of Emma Jean’s General Store knows great industrial pieces.

Hope you enjoyed this early teaser.  More to come.

Thanks for reading,