I love a house tour. So when my dear friend, Angelique Hoffman, mentioned that she was putting her house on the market, I thought it might be a great opportunity to give you a sneak peek at how a really talented and original decorator lives.

Her home is stunning. She’s taken a humble suburban rancher and shown us how it can live its best life. I think you’ll enjoy this tour.

This home is such a great lesson in potential, in seeing beyond the ordinary and expected to bring out a house’s best self. When found by Angelique Hoffman and her family, this house was a very mundane, suburban ranch home. In fact, she had to work to convince her family of it’s potential. Let’s take a look…
The front door opens directly into this lush space. A couple thing make this super successful: a restrained color pallet, warm wood touches, bold art, and fabulous lighting. Never forget the lighting!! On a detail level, I just love how Angelique has blended a classic 1890s dresser with her mid-century console and uber comfy new furnishings. (The art on the right and yummy, gray fur on the ottoman are from Chartreuse!)
This angle looks back toward the front door which is on the right. The simple bench makes an easy entry. Note the ‘screen’ wall between the living room and the stairs: that was two solid walls and a door to the basement. What a difference judiciously opened walls makes! This is not an open concept, it’s a thoughtfully blended space.
And such a great kitchen! Pro tip: Take your backsplash all the way to the ceiling. This space would feel so much smaller if it had the horizontal line ringing it. (That pretty candle in the foreground is from Chartreuse. )
Again – lighting. Make sure your choices work well together, without becoming matchy-matchy. A note of the floors: these are the standard oak floors that so many homes have. Angelique had them bleached to remove that orange tone they come from the factory with, and leave this soft, warm bright floor.
Pro tip: Mix it up. Bring in that modern element – like this West Elm light fixture – and instantly update your traditional pieces. Its the accumulated impact that makes a house a home. Also, note the warming effect of the wood and natural elements in this clean, white space.
Love this room! Such a great use of space. Look at how a pair of smaller dressers do dual purpose as dressers AND nightstands. This smart use of space and furniture makes plenty of room for a desk and chair in this teenage-girl’s room.
Another take on the dresser-turned-nightstand idea. These don’t match but serve the same function.
This standard bathroom shows what a little paint and hardware can do. The pure white walls were chosen as a sharp contrast to the existing black tile floor Repainting the vanity (and replacing the sink top and faucet) pulls it all together. And I totally love the hardware. Note how simple the mirror is. A thicker frame would make the space feel heavy, but this pencil thin one helps to pull it together. Also, don’t fear putting artwork in your bathroom. It’s actually a great place for it!
Here’s a view of those walls that were opened up to the downstairs. Separation, yet plenty of light. The kitchen counters come all the way across to the stair opening, allowing a full handrail going down the stairs. Pro tip: Paint your door trim the color of the walls, and let the doors sing in a subtly complementary color. In this case the door picks up the gray in the marble countertops.
Can you even believe this is a basement?! The richness and warmth of this room speaks for itself. Classic leather club chairs in harmony with a sexy modern one. Art on a scale that stands up to the strong furniture. And so comfortable!
This other side of the large basement family living space is just that. Really sculptural modern furnishings, soft, inviting textiles, and simple lighting here, where the ceilings are lower. The color pallet on this floor is warmer and deeper, but the restraint of the overall selections remains the same, and is the key to how beautifully this works.
The master bedroom evokes soft comfort. Here the hung artwork becomes an accent to the drama of the wall paint itself. (Those cool sconces are from Chartreuse .)
We all want a sleek, modern bathroom, and this one is that. But it also has a few design lessons. Look outside the bathroom for your storage. This vintage bar cart serves beautifully to corral towels and essentials, as it brings a glamorous note to the space. Don’t fear mixing your metals! Use what works, what’s beautiful, and the mix will take care of itself. Key to making this work: repeat each metal at least once. Yup, it’s that simple.
Don’t forget the outdoor space. The small deck off the dining/kitchen area calls to you, even on a cool rainy day. Just looking out upon it is a pleasure. Note here that heavy “deck” furniture was not used, but thin-lined pieces, united by the color pallet, keep the space open and comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed touring this lovely home, which is living its best life. It’s going on the market September 1, but won’t last long, so if you’re in the market, act quickly!

Photo credit: A. Marie Imagery

Realtor: Eric Verdi

Click here for the full listing. (This link will work beginning September 1)