This isn’t a beautiful post. It’s one about struggle. And I need your advice.

I LOVE this time of year. It’s the best weather, the prettiest flowers, the most beautiful birdsong. But notice, all of that is outside. So I want my outside space to be just right. If you’ve read this blog before, you know I love spending time on my porches: upper and lower.

But I struggle with the practical space available to me. I want to be able to pot up some of my herbs and potted flowers, and still have the porch work as a social space in the morning and evening. So I’ve decided to add a console table/potting table to the long south porch on the side of our house.

The wall between the two doors is my target. We have comfortable seating to the right of this image. The right-hand door is our main kitchen door. The door on the left has not been used in my lifetime – no exaggeration! The space is 65″ wide. And the piece needs to be narrow enough for me to be able to have seating, too.

Please help me decide which piece works best. The right piece is key to making this work, and I’m struggling . . . (I’ve added live links to each image so you can see all the details of each piece. If you decide you want one of them, you’ve got dibs – it’ll make my selection easier…)

1. Vintage iron and live-edge wood console

Fabulous console created from vintage garden iron and live-edge, raw wood.
70″ wide x 14″deep x 29″ high, $375

PROS – beautiful, raw wood, giving the porch more character and texture. Vintage design and integrity from the iron base. Love love love the look.

CONS – too wide, and a little low. It will run in front of the left door in the picture. While we never use that door, I’m thinking it’ll be visually jarring.

2. White-painted potting table

Classic, white potting table
48″ wide x 22″ deep x 30″ high, $179

PROS – Classic white in a traditional shape. The measurements work – it will fill the space nicely. It’s got great space underneath for baskets or boxes for storage. A bit deep, but it will work. The white will make it pop.

CONS – Am I sure I want the white to pop? Is that the look I want? I really love the subtlety of the tone-on-tone Maryland wood-cut flag against the muted brick. Will the white compete with that?

3. Rustic potting table

Handmade and rustic, this small potting table has ‘the look’
37″ wide x 19″ deep x 33″ high, Originally $168, now $88!

PROS – Diminutive in size and rugged in temperament, this little guy has the aesthetics down. Space to use baskets/boxes underneath for storage. On sale!

CONS – Is it too small?

4. Counter-height trestle console

Sturdy and freshly constructed, this table offer great height for ease of work
49″ wide x 26″ deep at base, 14.5″ deep at surface x 37″ high, $225

PROS – Great height – this is the only counter-height choice in the group. Clean lines make a great look.

CONS – Impossible to use baskets under it or place a lower shelf for storage

5. Marble-topped iron stand

This beautiful piece of marble has been calling to me for a while . . .
42″ wide x 17″ deep – no base . . .

PROS – It’s beautiful. I have a thing for white marble. Always have. It’s smooth surface would be perfect.

CONS – I don’t have a base. Details . . .

So there you have it. My dilemma. But one of the joys of such a dilemma, for me, is that I’ve got so many great choices literally at my door step.

If you’ve got a design dilemma, let me know – I’d love to search out just the right piece for you!

In the mean time – help me decide! Which would you choose?

I’ll post next week with an update.

Thanks for reading,